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Introduction of the Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the most popular FPS game in the world like other fps games PUBG, Apex LegendsLeague of Legends, etc. 

From the time of publishing to after 3 years, they got almost 50 million users worldwide and earned 1 billion dollars in the first year.  

It's a team-based game produced and developed by Blizzard Entertainments in which two team plays against each other and each team contains six heroes

We said heroes because they called game characters as heroes. There are a total of 30 heroes in games that are categorized into 3 types and each type has its own unique abilities. 

Meanwhile, if any ability is rich in one type that will be low in other and which ability is rich in other types that will be low in the first type. 

The first of the type of heroes deals with damage mean to say the attack on enemies but they face a lack of health because they are only specialized for giving damage

The heroes of the second type are specialized for healing, crowd control, or resurrect their fallen teammates, its any expected action related to support. 

The third type of heroes are tanks and those can face a lot of damage from enemies.  The right choice of heroes can give you victory but wrong will cause defeat

Here is the right setup you have to prefer 1-2 supports, 1-2 tanks and the rest should be damage. You can change set up according to the enemy strategy. 

There much content remaining to right on. But basically, here we are writing on the best gaming mouse for overwatch and only providing an introduction of overwatch to those are first time reading about this game. 

Here down is a list of the best gaming mouse for overwatch that we have to choose from hundreds of gaming mouse.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse for Overwatch
1) Razer DeathAdder Chroma Overwatch Edition - Comfortable Grip - The Esports Gaming Mouse

Main Specs







43.9x70.1x127 mm 


 Max 16,000




Razer DeathAdder Chroma Review:
The first mouse in our list for overwatch is from Razer that's usually that specialize in each sort of gaming mouse. 

During this regard, they made and dedicated mouse for overmatch after consulting with gamers and overwatch founders. 

This mouse is essentially a separate edition of the very famous mouse series DeathAdder whose 10 million pieces have already got sold. 

This special edition is documented within the market as DeathAdder chroma overwatch edition. Because Razer is on a mission to make products that constantly tilt the competition in your favor. 

Let's start from the form it comes with an ergonomic design that's favored by the Overwatch agent. It designs during thanks to easily slot in your hands and feels comfortable for an extended time of gameplay. 

An ultra-accurate optical sensor is used for precise tracking and supports almost adjustable 10,000 dpi. Like other chroma DeathAdder models, it also has RGB lights with 16.8 million customizable colors. 

You'll buy a mouse of the first overwatch orange color but if do not like that specific one then you'll change it into 30 different colors by inter-device color synchronization

A bit like we customize RGB light almost an equivalent thing we've to try to while changing the mouse orange color. 

Its an only mouse available within the market whose RGB color automatically changes consistent with the sporting character but immediately this feature available just for Overwatch characters. 

Overall the performance is like other DeathAdder models but new features are associated with design, more optimization of RGB colors.

  • Highly comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Specially made for Overwatch players.
  • Precise performance
  • Affordable
  • Only for right-handed people

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