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All games lover know that the regular Nintendo switch is an amazing gadget for gaming and from starting to today has not better competitor for itself. But the Nintendo company recently launched a new switch. Which is basically a new and lite version of the old one. We can say that it is the smaller brother of the old switch that has much resemblance to the old one. It has some pros and cons that are discussed below.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Nintendo Switch Lite

1) It is basically a lite version, so, it is lightweight and easy to handle while playing.
2) During handheld mode, it plays almost Switch games at their best.  
3) This switch has an excellent directional pad which is a quite good thing.
4) While handling it you will know its body is Solid and durable.
5) The main benefit of this switch is that it has a longer battery life than the original one. 

1) It is a little bit pricy. But still much cheaper than the original.
2) In-game text appears little due to its 5.5 inches screen.
3) It doesn't have any streaming app and only has youtube.

Detailed Review of Nintendo Switch  Lite:

Designed for Handheld Play:
Switch lite is designed to handheld play so you can play whenever and where ever you want to play.

This gadget designed in this way you feel lightweight and easy to handle while playing.

Which games are played in the Lite version?
Almost every game of the original switch can play in the Lite version.

Four colors are available in this gadget such are Gray, Coral, Turquoise, and Yellow. 

Multiplayer Options:

Link Devices:
By linking your device with other switches you can play with your friends. 
Online play
Team up or face off with others online** in compatible games with a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

I Am Hope Ful That You Will Like My Effort.

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