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In past launched a membership program in which members can get free shipping and lower prices from regular prices. But it costly for students, therefore, they have launched another program name amazon prime student for university and college students. In other ways, we can say that it is a cheaper version of the old one that is only for students. 

Basically, Prime Student is a half-priced version of original Prime available exclusively to those getting their education. Due to amazon prime student, they get access to free shipping, specific services at half prices and some exclusive deals. at the end of the trial, get Prime Student membership is just $6.49/month. Cancel anytime.

Pros and Cons of 6 Months Free Amazon Prime Student Subscription Service
1) The first benefit of the prime student is that you will receive free shipping on your purchase. 
2) Student membership will give you access to special and exclusive deals.
3) With membership, you can get free delivery of heavy and bulky items such as groceries.
4) This service allows you free unlimited downloads from amazon prime video.  
5) Thousand of movies and TV shows available at the prime video.
6) Subscribers have to pay low prices than non-subscribers.

1) Discounted offers enforce you spend more than budget.
2) After free trial paying service starts by itself. So remember to cancel the free program before expiry. Otherwise, you will pay for it.
3) Sometimes online items are expensive than local stores.
4) The user interface is a little bit difficult.

Let a Detailed Review of Free Amazon Prime Trial 6 Months
Delivery time is different for items.

Free Prime Student Delivery
Free One-Day Delivery ( Recieve item on next day)
1) In this category delivery available coast-to-coast at 10 million items with no minimum order.
2) After placing order receive items by 9 p.m the next day.

Free Same-Day Delivery (Get fast delivery on almost millions of best sellers, everyday essentials)
1) In specific states such as Philadelphia, Dallas, Orlando, and Phoenix, buyers can order until 5pm and get delivery as fast as 5 hrs. These products are marked as "Today" or "Overnight".
2) In other cities and towns across the US orders placed in the afternoon will arrive the next day. These products are marked as "Prime FREE Same-Day". Order $35 for same-day delivery.

Free delivery in 2-Hour at Grocery Items
1) An ultrafast free delivery is available at groceries and household essentials.
2) Get free two-hour delivery from Fresh and your local Whole Foods Market.
3) Note: Available in selective  USA cities

Amazon Music Subscription in $0.99 Per Month
(Get almost 60 million songs in prime student Exclusive)
You can cancel this membership anytime that will starts at  $0.99. Make sure that you are a student of an accredited college or university to qualify. If you don't have a prime student then the regular price for Amazon Music Unlimited is $4.99  month.

Free Amazon Prime Video
(Award-Winning movies & TV shows)
By prime video, you can access unlimited popular movies and tv shows. 

Cash Back Options
Prime cardholders are able to get up to a 15% cashback on purchase. 
Endless other benefits
Discover new ways to get the most out of your Prime membership.

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